The introduction of E-governance in Tiruppur City Municipal Corporation offers the online Citizen services. All information related to Tiruppur City Municipal Corporation is easily accessible to the Public. It obviates the need to visit Tiruppur City Municipal Corporation in person to pay tax, or to get certificates such as Birth and Death, Building Plan, Trade Licence etc,. The facility E-governance offers is such that the Public can remit their taxes in the Banks, Citizen Counters and Facilitation counters nearest to their residences.

The E-governance has ensured transparence and the residents can easily know about the dues they have to pay to the Tiruppur City Municipal Corporation and information they want to know at any place at any time. The mode of payment is being made in a collection of Taxes due to Tiruppur Ctiy Municipal Corporation will considerably increase.

Owing to the advanced Technology in communication and information, the database server of the Municipal Corporation is connected with the Facilitation Counter by means of Local Area Net Work. The Wide area Net Work and Dynamic Website is in the offing.

A new Facilitation Counters has been installed in the premised of the Tiruppur City Municipal Corporation main office Zone I (Vellampalayam office), Zone II (Nallur office) and Kumeran Shopping Complex to facilitate remittance of Tax. 3 Server and 40 Nodes and other Essential peripherals has been erected. The Local Area Network setup functions effectively in the Chambers of Commissioner and Municipal Engineer.

The required Software Modules were installed on 07-02-2003 and the requred date have been fed and brought up to date. The Tiruppur City Municipal Corporation stands ahead of other Municipalities in the field of E-governance. The computerized collection centre was already established in March 2000 and serves to the satisfaction of the Tax payers and other general Public. It commends commendation of all section of people. with the developments in communication and Information & Technology, the Database server of the Municipal Corporation will be connected with citizen counter, Banks and information and Facilitation counters by Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), and Dynamic Website.

The Bill Collectors are trained to issue computerized receipts for the taxes they receive in the Service counters. The details of Birth and Death are updated in Tiruppur City Municipal Corporation. Sanitary Inspectors are also able to issue Computerized Birth and Death Certificate because of the training imparted to them.

The Salient features of E-governance includes,
™ On-line dues payment
™ Property tax
™ Water charges
™ Non-tax
™ Professional Taxes

Issue of various certificates
™ Birth Certificate
™ Death Certificate

Registration of On-line Grievances / Complaints
™ Static information about Municipal Corporation
™ Inter-link with related websites
™ Application download provision