About Corporation


Located in the Tiruppur district of the state, Tiruppur is one of the most important industrial centers of Tamilnadu. The town is situated at a distance of 448 kms to the South-West of Chennai and at the intersection 70 º 22’ Longitude and 11º 6’ latitude. River Noyyal, originating from the Velangiri Hills and flowing through the city center in the flowing through the city center in the easterly direction and the western Ghats on the near west, are the major geographical features of this region.

Spread over an area of 159º sq.kms. With a population of over 8.7 lakhs, the economy of the town revolves around the manufacture of hosiery and cotton products. The hot and dry climate prevailing in the region has been one of the various factors contributing to the growth of the hosiery industry in the town.

Growth of Tiruppur
Tiruppur started off as a small union and became a town with the inclusion of Thennamapalayam, Karuvampalayam and Valipalayam villages on 1st of December 1947. One of the earliest activities of the Tiruppur Corporation was the setting up of a Cotton Market Committee. The committee decided on utilising the monetary benefits through the trade for improving the civic facilities is the town.